Off the Wall as a brand suggests that it is a little left of serious and it is intended that way. It is a play on our ownership, but it is not meant as a serious wine. The wine made will always be soundly made wine, but has the potential to be a little out there with unusual varieties of wine or interesting blends.
OTW ranges includes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz & Sauvignon Blanc. These are the grape varieties we grow on the property and will be our core business.  Other wine that have been brought in as fruit and processed or brought in as finished goods include: Goulburn Valley Shiraz.
Yarra Valley
Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol -12.5%

A cool climate Sauv Blanc, with a slight sweetness to balance the herbaceous character of the variety  

Off The Wall Wines

Yarra Valley


Alcohol = 13.0%

A typical cool climate Chardonnay with the flavours of butterscotch, and an oak flavour in the back of palate .

Yarra Valley
 Pinot Noir

Alcohol  = 12.5%

Rob Hall was the winemaker for this wine,  using native yeasts and minimal intervention. It is  a memorable wine  with plum and strawberry fruit flavours that should continue to develop over the next few years.  

Goulburn Valley

Alcohol = 15.5%

Grapes grown in the Goulburn Valley from 75 year old vines. With a bouquet of violets and raspberry,  on the palate this wine is velvety with flavours of dark chocolate and cedar.

Yarra Valley  PNC Rose
Alcohol = 12.0%
A fruity flavoured wine, serve chilled is ideal for warm summer days