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The Emersleigh Brand is used for our Sparkling Wine Range and all the fruit used is grown and handpicked from our vineyards.


Brut 2007

brut 2007.png
80% Pinot Noir/20% Chardonnay Blend
The appearance is of a pale onion skin colour with beads of tiny bubbles rising at a moderate pace. Brut 2007 starts with a faint perfumed nose, then similar to champagne and with some oak-like characters.

Quite intense aged characters are evident, with flavours favouring the dry to austere spectrum. The initial neutral flavour changes to yeastiness and readiness on airing. Patience is required as its flavour keep developing and linger on and on. 12.5% alchohol.


Sparkling Rose 2009

emersligh sparking rose.png
100% Pinot Noir. Light onion skin colour, with persistent, small, swiftly moving bead. Subdued with a faint perfume when just opened, tending to briar, floral and yeasty after letting it sit for a short time.

Sparkling Rose 2009 is dry, aperitif style. Strawberries with a hint of honey and banana, and breadiness due to its age. Acidity is well balanced. Mothballing and fuller in body due to it being 100% Pinot Noir. The aftertaste is long and lasting and has a clean dry finish. 12.5% alccohol.


Blanc de Blanc 2009

Blanc de blanc.png
100% Chardonnay
Pale yellow tones are clear and vibrant. The appearance maintains a vigorous bead of tiny bubbles.

The aroma is aged and bready with yeasty characters, a slight hint of honey and white flowers. Blanc de Blanc is toasty, buttery, nuanced. Very well balanced with good acidity and a hint of sweetness. A lingering finish with a hint of mushroom. 12.5% alchohol.


Sans Annee

sans annee.png
Sans Annee is our premium Sparkling wine. It is a brut style wine, but as the name suggests (sans annee is French fo "without year") it is a blend from a number of vintages.

It has a superfine bead. Honey, pale gold, straw with a rose tint. The aroma is subdued when first opened. With time the flavours burst with honey and yeasty hops flavours. Light lingering honey and blossom flavours. Yeast from the ageing process developed when allowed to breathe. Balanced and rounded with a beautiful, full effervescence in the mouth. Long clean aftertaste. 12% alcohol

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